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Informed, Intelligent and Accurate Values That you can take to the bank for ALL AIRCRAFT including those not covered by any price guide.

Regardless of whether you are an aircraft owner, operator, financier, lessor, manager, buyer, seller, museum or government agency, all consulting services are tailored exactly to your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Senior Appraiser Accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) – Machinery & Technical Specialties – Aircraft. I am also a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (NSCA) and Certified Aircraft Buyers Agent both under the now defunct National Aircraft Appraisers Association. My appraisal reports comply with the latest edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP.) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS.)

It is an accurate, detailed assessment of an aircraft’s current market value, based on a comprehensive evaluation of the aircraft’s present physical condition, the aircraft’s records and its flight history. It is an opinion of value made by a certified, accredited, recognized, professional aircraft appraiser.

As an Accredited Senior Appraiser, I am a credible aircraft value expert on all aircraft. I provide competent, impartial, objective and independent valuations for banks (financing and leasing), attorneys, underwriters, adjusters, airlines, corporate flight departments, domestic and foreign corporations and individual owners. I also specialize in aircraft that are not listed by any price guide publication (Pre 20th Century (all dates prior), Pioneer (1900 thru 1913), Great War (1914 thru 1919), Roaring 20’s includes the ‘First Record Breakers’ (1920 thru 1929), Pre-World War includes the ‘Second Record Breakers’ (1930 thru 1939), Early Rotary Wing (1923 thru 1945), WWII Warbird Era (1940 thru 1946), Modern Rotary Wing (1946 to-date), Pistons Golden Age (1947 thru 1958), Early Jets (mostly Warbirds 1942 thru 1957), Classic Turboprops (1948 thru 1987), The Jet Age (1958 thru 1980), Modern Jets (1981 to-date), Modern Turboprops (1988 to-date), Pistons ‘Pre LCD/EFIS’ (1959 thru 1998), Modern Pistons (1999 to-date), Experimental Aircraft – New Design or Amateur Built (any dates), Ultralight/Amateur Built/Light Sport (any dates), Electric Aircraft (any dates), Replica (any dates), Spacecraft (a vehicle for operation outside the Earth’s atmosphere (1944 to-date).) When appropriate, Provenance Value is considered and reported.

My Appraisal Report provides a substantiated and justified analysis of the past, and present marketplace specific to the subject aircraft that I am engaged to appraise. I consider and reconcile the ‘three approaches to value’ (Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison) resulting in a credible and impartial opinion of value.

I am competent in aircraft appraisal practice; The date of my first appraisal report is 08/23/1999.

As a professional aircraft appraiser, I will acquire all relevant facts that will have a direct impact upon the value of the subject aircraft. The general condition, maintenance and inspection status of the subject aircraft will be assessed, analyzed, valued, and reported – with accuracy, credibility, and timeliness.

Why Should Call JetValues-Jeremy LLC for Your Appraisal?

I have extensive experience and competence as an aircraft appraiser. The date of issuance of my first appraisal report was 08/23/1999. Aviation has been front-and-center my entire life; my first job in aviation was as a student pilot and ground crewman at the Dorset Gliding Club in 1975. I hold a FAA A&P Mechanics Certificate with FAA Inspection Authorization and various other certificates. I have spent numerous years inspecting and maintaining aircraft, including serving as Vice President and General Manager of an FAA Certified Repair Station. The following is a summary of my professional accomplishments, including a selection of completion certificates:


  • Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (ASA & NAAA)
  • USPAP Conforming Appraiser
  • Certified Aircraft Buyers Agent
  • Member – American Society of Appraisers
  • ASA Instructor for the Aircraft Valuation Program: ME201-ACS ‘Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Valuation’; ME202-ACS ‘Machinery and Equipment Valuation Methodology’; ME203-ACS ‘Advanced Topics and Case Studies’; ME204-ACS ‘Advanced Topics and Report Writing’; Also, ME162-WEB ‘Appraising Off-Book Aircraft. Managing all of the Necessary Value Components’
  • Former Professional Aircraft Broker
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Former President of the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum
  • Current Serving President of Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association
  • Lifetime Member of Warbirds of America
  • Lifetime Member of the North American Trainer Association
  • Lifetime Member and Colonel of the Commemorative Air Force
  • Service and Support Member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association Member of the National Aircraft Finance Association
  • Member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading
  • Member of the National Business Aviation Association
  • Elected Technician of the Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain
  • FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization
  • FCC GROL Licensed Operator/Technician
  • CAA Aircraft Engineering Certificate Holder
  • Life Member of the Experimental Aircraft Association
  • Former Experimental Aircraft Association Technical Counsellor
  • Gulfstream II/IIB Maintenance Qualified
  • Falcon 20 Maintenance Qualified
  • Commercial and Instrument Rated Pilot (no medical)
  • Certified Ag Pilot
  • Aircraft Delivery Specialist
  • Published Aviation Writer
  • Author of St. Louis Aviation, ISBN # 97807385884102
  • Expert Witness in Aviation Legal Cases