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Certified & USPAP
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Regardless of whether you are an aircraft owner, operator, financier, lessor, manager, buyer, seller, museum or government agency, all consulting services are tailored exactly to your needs 

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Worldwide On-Site Services Provided
My Home Airport is Lambert-St. Louis International (KSUS)
Subject to Visa Requirements, I can be On-Site with only 24-Hours prior notice
Aviation Consulting
Asset Appraisals
Asset Management
I am very active in the aviation industry, as a commercial and instrument rated pilot, A & P (Airframe & Powerplant) mechanic with an IA (Inspection Authorization) and FCC GROL Radio Operator License with Radar.

• Aircraft sales consultations
• Aircraft audits and inspections (All Types)
• Aircraft appraisals
• Transaction consulting & troubleshooting
• Second Opinions
• Free, In- Person Consultations in the St. Louis Area (for Worldwide - pay my travel expenses)
• Pre-purchase risk assessments
• Aircraft timeshare & jet card ownership analyses
• Professional writer. Diverse topics, but especially aviation and aircraft values
As a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, I am a credible aircraft value expert on all business jets and turbo-props. I provide competent, impartial, objective and independent valuations for banks, financing, leasing, underwriters, adjusters, corporate flight departments, domestic and foreign corporations and individual owners.
A Typical Year: Mexico City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Calgary, Farnborough, Hartford, Biggin Hill, Palm Springs, Kuwait City, Atlanta, Jeddah, Kinston, Geneva,
Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Lima, Sofia, Djibouti, Sofia, Athens, Chicago, Houston.
Transaction Closings, Ferry-Flight Management, Ferry-Permits, Audits, Reporting and Assessment